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Vital function

Entryways serve a vital function in a home. They are like a portal between two spaces, the private and the public. As such, they should contain all the items your family needs to brave the outside world: coats, shoes, rain gear, sporting equipment, and cold weather accessories.

Chances are, though, that right now your entryway is a hodgepodge of things that don’t belong there, like your child’s old science fair project. Maybe you don’t even have a dedicated entry space. Instead, you just walk straight into the house from your porch or garage, stumbling over a pile of shoes on the way. home.

First things first

First things first, you’ll need ample space to hang jackets and bulky coats that don’t typically need to go farther than the threshold of your house. Hanging racks with enough hangers will keep jackets from collecting on your couch or dining room table and make them easy to find when you’re ready to go. From there, consider adding cubbies or racks for organizing shoes as well as storage shelves for seasonal items you might not use all year long.

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