How Adding A Custom Closet Increases Home Value

For people tired of hunting through their messed up and constricted closets to find one thing, a custom closet is a good investment for them.

A custom closet is a specially designed wardrobe for accommodating the things you own without being wasted or unused space. It allows you to sort your stuff according to your interests, whether your clothes, accessories, or footwear. The best part of a custom closet is that it is designed to the exact measurements of your space. This is a good innovation in houses and adds significant value because of its visual interest. It can be revolutionary to imagine a specific area for your shoes, clothes, and other essentials—a possible way to avoid the everyday hassle of rummaging through your closet.

Designing the Custom Closet

Vertical spaces

People design custom closets to incorporate ceilings on the floor, which is not likely the case in a traditional closet. This is the best storage solution and allows for maximizing storage and expanding the closet within the granted area, adding elegance and convenience without disrupting the whole floor of the room. A custom closet contains rods that vary in height accordingly, utilizing shelves and cabinets to store small items.

Organizing spaces

It has been a hassle to organize everything in one closet; however, in a custom closet, there are different compartments for different things. It is explicitly designed to keep in mind the needs of a particular person, but even if someone else buys a house with a custom closet, it is not wasted. Organizing space is much easier in this type of closet. There are shoe racks, pull-out drawers, jewelry trays, belts and tie racks, valet rods, and hooks that are necessary for the walk-in closet.

To organize your walk-in closet, sort stuff into categories and put related items in groups. This preserves a beautiful appearance while making it simpler to locate what you need. Sort your clothes into categories such as dresses, shirts, bottoms, and outerwear. In the same vein, combine accessories, purses, and shoes. To further split and organize things, think about utilizing dividers, boxes, or baskets.

Incorporate lighting

Proper lighting is essential to ensure that every item in a walk-in closet is visible and easily accessible. If you can’t get enough natural light, use ambient, task, and accent lighting in combination. Use task lighting for particular areas, such as cosmetics or dressing rooms, accent lighting to draw attention to particular details or exhibit items, and ceiling lamps to offer general illumination. Proper lighting placement improves usability and gives your walk-in closet an air of grandeur.

Balance open and closed storage.

Achieving an aesthetically beautiful walk-in closet requires striking the correct mix between closed and exposed storage. Closed cupboards and drawers assist in concealing clutter, while open shelves and display racks let you highlight your best pieces. It is evident that you need to find a balance between your storage demands and personal taste. For cabinets, think about going with frosted or textured glass fronts to offer beauty without sacrificing seclusion.


Why Storage Matters to Homebuyers

Imagine this: You’re touring a beautiful house, but every room feels a little cramped. Closets are overflowing, there’s nowhere to put seasonal items, and the garage looks like a storage locker that exploded. Not exactly move-in ready, right? That’s the thing about storage – for homebuyers, it’s a major factor that can make or break a deal. Here’s why:

  • Less Storage, More Stress: Nobody wants to move into a house only to discover there’s no place to put their stuff. Without ample storage, clutter quickly takes over, making rooms feel smaller and more stressful. This is a big turnoff for potential buyers who crave a home that feels organized and functional from the get-go.


  • Perception is Key: Even a spacious room can feel cramped if it lacks proper storage. Well-organized closets with shelves, drawers, and hanging rods create a sense of order and make the space feel more usable. Buyers can easily visualize how their belongings would fit, making the room feel larger and more inviting.


  • Customization Matters: A one-size-fits-all closet just doesn’t cut it for most people. Buyers appreciate homes with storage solutions that cater to their specific needs. Custom closets can be designed with features like double hanging rods for long dresses, pull-out drawers for shoes, and adjustable shelving for bulky sweaters. This level of personalization shows that the home is designed for comfortable living, making it all the more appealing.

How Custom Closets Boost Your Home’s Value

Thinking about selling your house someday? Consider adding custom closets! These built-in organizers are a hot trend with homebuyers, according to a Forbes report. In fact, closets have gone from being a bonus feature to something most buyers expect. This means installing custom closets in your home can do double duty: it can increase the price you can ask for your house and also make it sell faster.

Why are custom closets so popular? Imagine a house where everything has a designated spot and there’s no more clutter overflowing from bedroom shelves. Custom closets can be designed to fit your specific needs,  whether you need more hanging space for clothes, shelves for shoes, or drawers for out-of-season items.  This kind of organization is a major selling point for potential buyers who are looking for a move-in ready home.

There’s data to support this too. A report by Remodeling Magazine found that renovations that improve storage space, like adding custom closets, are a good investment when you sell your house. They typically recoup a good portion of the installation cost, making them a smart financial decision for homeowners looking to boost their home’s value.

  • Visual Interest

There are other ways to increase home value, but a custom closet is probably the easiest and most trendy one these days. When people think about buying a new place, they are mostly worried about their storage and organizing their wardrobes. Still, the sight of custom closets captivates them as it is convenient for every age group to accommodate their personal belongings. Buyers always prefer a well-organized house to an unorganized one.

  • Convenience

Different people have different needs. Some people require a lot of closet space and insufficient space can be a deal breaker. To use a specific area completely calculated according to the needs and demands of a person. A separate space for every different item like an area for footwear in the closet can be a dream for a fashionista or people having a lot of matching shoes and clothes.

  • Touch of Luxury

The perspective of most buyers for custom closets is of a touch of luxury as it adds to the aesthetics of the room. A walk-in closet that is designed to perfection adds to the elegance of the house. Within budget, if someone is getting a visually appealing wardrobe, then they won’t be walking away from this good deal. People nowadays are even hiring interior designers for custom closets.

  • Future Need

In the future, more people will invest in custom closets as they are trendy and convenient. Some potential buyers will be more interested in buying houses with custom closets. Having one or more custom closets is both styling and luxurious for all home sizes, including smaller homes. You don’t need to have a lavish walk-in closet to achieve this. You can adjust your budget as well by utilizing spaces in a roomy closet with multiple drawers, modifying your bedroom closet with a self-sufficient closet system, or utilizing spaces, such as a storage area built under the bed, which can make a big impact on buyers. If needs are satisfied with a touch of luxury, who will deny that? Custom closets will gain more awareness in the future than now.

Also, house hunters who eagerly wait to find good deals with a house that meets their needs within budget are attracted to such well-maintained houses with organized storage spaces. For them, it’s like finding money in your long-lost purse or wallet.

Wrapping Up

If your house is built old and doesn’t have sufficient storage space, designing a closet can bring great home value significantly. Old houses are built in a way that does not add a touch of luxury and match the buyers’ demand. Add additional storage space closet in the hallway or the bathroom or a storage closet under the stairs will captivate buyers instantly.

If a person is investing in a custom closet, they will be worried about losing money, but they can easily get almost all of that investment when they sell their home. Custom closets can play a prominent role in selling homes, and they can become the difference between a house sitting on the market for years and one that is selling quickly for a good value. This is like making the most of your money because when you are living in the house, you’ll enjoy the perks of a custom closet, and after you sell it, you will have the financial benefit.

In today’s fleeting world, when people are extremely busy with their lives and work, they do not want to waste hours in shifting and settling, and they look for a furnished house; if not furnished, people prefer a move-in ready house that features a custom closet. A professional organizing system ensures that the house has been well maintained, and it makes it seem more worthy.

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